The easiest way to beautify the lashes is to make them stand out with a good mascara. However, this simple procedure is not always sufficient. Many women struggle with the problem of short, thin, delicate and fancy eyelashes, and even the best mascara is unable to give them a satisfactory effect. When we dream of long and thick eyelashes, sometimes we choose professional cosmetic treatments or the independent application of artificial eyelashes. However, these are not ideal solutions. A much better, simpler, and less invasive method is to use a product that nourishes and stimulates the natural growth of the eyelashes. One of the most interesting products in this category is EleverLash.

How can you lengthen and thicken the eyelashes?


There are several methods of lengthening and thickening eyelashes , the first of which is to introduce artificial equivalents. Artificial eyelashes are available in different versions, they can be found in almost every major drugstore. The most popular are the eyelashes on strips that cover the entire eyelid, artificial eyelashes in tufts are a little less popular. An alternative to glued-on eyelashes are magnetic eyelashes , which are applied quickly and efficiently, but have an unnatural effect and are uncomfortable to wear.

Another route to long, thick eyelashes leads us to a beauty salon. The eyelash extension 1 to 1 is a method that is very popular with women. The treatment consists in the fact that a beautician sticks synthetic eyelashes in a ratio of 1: 1 on real eyelashes. Recently, the so-called volumetric method (2D, 3D, 5D, 8D), in which a beautician sticks tufts of several synthetic eyelashes onto natural eyelashes, is also very popular.

Artificial eyelashes – advantages and disadvantages

All of the above methods of eyelash styling can give satisfactory results, but unfortunately they have some important drawbacks that often determine their disqualification. The use of artificial eyelashes, even if carried out professionally and precisely, always carries the risk of damaging and weakening natural eyelashes. After removing the artificial eyelashes, it often turns out that these natural eyelashes are smaller than before and are in a much worse condition. In addition, eyelash extension treatments are time-consuming, expensive, in need of renewal and new eyelashes must be properly cared for.

The risk of allergies, irritation and inflammation in the eye area is also an undeniable disadvantage of glued eyelashes. If we have artificial eyelashes “on ourselves”, we must also take care of them and handle them carefully so that they are not damaged (e.g. when removing make-up). Another minus – magnetic eyelashes and eyelashes for the self-adhesive technique, and sometimes those of a beautician, are often still noticeable and unpleasant, give the impression of a “foreign body” in the eye and are simply annoying. Finally, a word on the end result, which is not always perfect – it can be artificial, sometimes even caricatured, and has nothing to do with natural beauty.

EleverLash – a new method for long, thick eyelashes


EleverLash is a new method for long and thick eyelashes that leaves the other methods behind. EleverLash is a stand-alone eyelash serum, but the word eyelash serum is a little too little in this case. It is a real serum with active ingredients that quickly reach the eyelash roots and dynamically stimulate their growth.

The secret of EleverLash is its unique formula, in which the mode of action is just as important as the composition of the active ingredients themselves. It is certainly not a superficial effect that unfortunately characterizes the majority of the eyelash serums available on the market. EleverLash is a product with the spectrum of laboratory tests. Based on this, we have succeeded in developing a product that actively stimulates the growth of the eyelashes and guarantees their strengthening and comprehensive care.

The EleverLash reaches to the follicle and eyelash roots and fulfills its purpose there, the product is more effective, has a longer lasting effect and is faster than other eyelash serums . The result of the treatment with EleverLash can be compared with the results of professional eyelash extensions and thickening treatments. At the same time, the use of this product is non-invasive and free from the negative side effects associated with sticky eyelashes.

As it turns out, EleverLash is not just the perfect choice for women looking for an alternative to artificial eyelashes. It’s also an excellent option for women who use glued-on eyelashes. There is no better way to protect and regenerate weakened eyelashes after lengthening treatments.

EleverLash – application method


Simple, quick and with the guarantee of good results – this is how the treatment is carried out with the product that is at the top of the list of eyelash serums, ie EleverLash. With a small brush we make a line on the upper eyelid, right next to the lash line, as if we were applying an eyeliner, but without the need to get a perfect line. It doesn’t even take a minute to fill the lashes with nutrients and provide them with ideal growing conditions.

In the first phase we do the treatment every day, but when our eyelashes gain strength, length and density, it is enough to treat them twice a week – the effect is still great.

EleverLash effects

The effects of systematic use of EleverLash eyelash serum are as follows:

  • Eyelash extension,
  • Thickening of the eyelashes,
  • Thickening of the eyelashes,
  • Nutrition of the eyelashes and improvement of their appearance (more elasticity and brilliance, darker color),
  • Strengthens the eyelashes, reduces the susceptibility to falling out,
  • Durability and protection of eyelashes, which are exposed to lengthening, frequent painting and permanent make-up.

It is worth noting that EleverLash is safe to use on and around the eyes . So we don’t have to worry about allergic reactions, inflammation or irritation, even if we have sensitive eyes or sensitive skin.

EleverLash – opinions


EleverLash eyelash serum has received many positive opinions. Women who have had the opportunity to use it often stress that it is the best product of its kind on the market. It is characterized by its high efficiency, speed and effect and is comparable to that of lengthening and thickening treatments.

The product is suitable both for people who were looking for a way to regenerate weakened and damaged eyelashes and for people who wanted to become the owner of eyelashes with greater volume and length without sticking or applying artificial equivalents had to.

EleverLash – Purchasing

If you want to have beautiful, healthy, long and thick eyelashes, it is worth reaching for EleverLash. A pack of the eyelash serum costs 40 $ – it is a low price for a high-quality cosmetic product. However, if you want to pay even less, we can take advantage of special promotions.

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