What is Klick-Tipp? What is the newsletter tool really good for?


Klick-Tipp generates a huge demand and interest in the world of email marketing. The fascination with the newsletter software is also not without reason. The German-based company was founded in 2009 and enjoyed increasing popularity after only a short time. Klick-Tipp was founded by Mario Wolosz, who is an avid Internet marketer himself. The development of the newsletter software was ultimately due to the lack of offerings from competitors. For this reason, the founder decided to develop a better alternative for marketers like him.

Today, Klick-Tipp may be exactly why simple email software is so popular. With more and more Internet marketers out there, a system developed by an industry expert is ideal. Klick-Tipp owes its rapid growth in particular to the rising trend of online marketing and the many public favorites in this industry. Gradually, Wolosz and his team developed various features and functions that make the provider what it is today.


What makes this program so great are its special features. Klick-Tipp works with features that most competing companies don’t have in their product line at all. Klick-Tipp was ahead of its time several years ago. Since the software was founded and developed by an internet marketer, most of its features are specialized in the digital marketing aspect. However, Klick-Tipp can also delight its customers with a whole range of other services. With this service you will find the most extraordinary and useful features of the provider. Here are some of the main features of Klick-Tipp:

– Simplicity: since many beginners and novices need simplicity especially in online marketing, optimizing a simple user interface is obviously a must. Klick-Tipp offers its users a very simple and clear website. The platform offers no reason for confusion. Even absolute beginners should not have any problems with navigation. The provider uses only one vertical menu bar on its website to help users find their way around. This menu lists all the important items, combining simplicity and effectiveness.

– Split test: the split test feature is definitely one of the special features of Klick-Tipp. Today, this option might not be anything special, but at the time when Klick-Tipp integrated split testing into the software, you could certainly talk about an innovation.

But what exactly is a split test? This feature allows you to test your created newsletters before you finally send them to your recipients. If you have just created your newsletter, you can now split it. To do this, change a few small things like the call to action or the subject line. Now the email will be sent in two different ways and you can see which one works better.

After a few days, you can clearly see which email resonates better with your readers and which one you may not have inspired as many of your recipients with. With this kind of testing, you can eliminate future mistakes and perfect your marketing efforts.

– Autoresponder: Klick-Tipp’s autoresponder is very well designed. Autoresponders are becoming increasingly popular and should be part of any effective marketing campaign. The responder takes a lot of the work off your hands and sends emails strategically and fully automatically. You are probably a target of automation yourself. If you used your email address to subscribe to a newsletter, you will receive an email a few days later. A few days later, this process was repeated.

This can take several weeks. However, the person behind the newsletter just made some defaults regarding the intended target and similar aspects. This means that you can include some work in your newsletter that will automatically work for you from now on. Autoresponders have been in high demand for a long time and are often used by millions of businesses.

The autoresponder proves to be extremely useful. One reason may be that your potential customers gradually build trust in you and your business. After a certain amount of time and a certain number of emails, your readers and visitors will be more willing to buy from you because you have probably earned their trust.

– Tagging: Now it’s time to find out what the most popular and exceptional tool of the Klick-Tipp is all about. If you read about Klick-Tipp in various reviews and expert reports, the excellent tagging system is always praised. But what actually is a tag and how does it benefit you in email marketing? The problem with many newsletters is that they are intrusive.

Often the mails sent look like annoying spam. This is certainly not the way to build a relationship with your customers. The founder of Klick-Tipp was immediately aware of this. That’s how tagging came about. When a person subscribes to your newsletter from Klick-Tipp, that person is automatically assigned a “tag”. You can think of it as a postage stamp.

Now you can assign and analyze different characteristics to your visitors depending on their behavior. For example, you can see which visitor is working on which topic and tailor your future emails to the different interests of your readers. This will help only some of your recipients to consider your emails as spam, and not many more.

– Registration forms: Registration forms are essential for effective and successful email marketing. Without a registration form, you are not offering your visitors the opportunity to sign up to your recipient list. And without a recipient list, you won’t have the success you want. Klick-Tipp offers you a simple drag and drop system that allows you to create your forms very quickly and easily. Despite the simplicity, the signup forms look extremely professional and appealing.