An overwhelming majority of women complain about the condition of their hair. If they fall out, they grow slowly, grow poorly, are fragile, damaged, have no volume and no natural beauty, then it is imperative to save them with suitable care products. As you can see, the use of detergents, masks, douches, ampoules and other local products is usually a little too little. The hair also needs support from within, ideally in the form of good nutritional supplements with minerals, vitamins and valuable plant extracts. One of the richest hair products in terms of composition is Locerin.

Work out the hair problems from the inside!


Locerin is a rich set of plant extracts known for their beneficial effects on hair as well as vitamins and minerals. The preparation is aimed primarily at women , and it was precisely with regard to their needs that the composition was selected. Locerin is designed to solve all hair problems women struggle with every day, from weakness and hair loss, to slow hair growth, to loss of shine and healthy appearance and beautiful color.

The dietary supplement is certainly suitable for such a comprehensive help – it is full of active ingredients, already works at the molecular level, helps with the general reconstruction of hair structures and also improves the condition of skin and nails, which is another argument for the use of these multi-component Capsules is.

Why do most of us complain about bad hair condition? We ourselves contribute to this state, civilization does it for us a little, and they have our genes too, to say a little. The most common causes of hair loss, slow growth, impaired structure and unhealthy appearance of hair are:

  • to invasive styling treatments (coloring, lightening, frequent drying and straightening at high temperatures);
  • incorrectly selected hair cosmetics, excess gels, varnishes, waxes and other styling products;
    Combing too intensively, pulling hair, frequent teasing, squeezing hair in a bun or ponytail;
  • Cigarettes, alcohol and other luxury foods;
  • improper nutrition leads to nutritional deficiencies;
  • frequent stay in smoky rooms, in a polluted environment;
  • previous pharmacological treatments;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • Weakness of the body from pregnancy, seasonal changes, diseases;
  • bad immune system, anemia;
  • genetic factors (e.g. “inheritance” of thin and fine hair from mother).

Although the causes can vary, the consequences are similar – they look bad, are weakened, there is no vitality of the hair that cannot be controlled at all ……. How can one change this state of affairs? The hair cells can be filled with nutrients and thus stimulated to intensive regeneration and growth. Locerin is intended for this role. One of its advantages is AnaGain ™ Nu , which extends the life cycle of the hair and stimulates the papillae of the dermis for the production of new hair.

Locerin – composition


16 ingredients are a lot, or even a big amount. So many active ingredients affect our hair when we decide to treat it with Locerin . Here are some of them mentioned:

  • Bamboo and horsetail – two rich sources of silica that strengthens and regenerates hair, accelerates its growth and increases its resistance to damage. Silica is also a valuable ingredient for our nails and skin.
  • AnaGain ™ Nu organic green pea seed extract – inhibits hair loss, extends hair life, stimulates growth, makes hair thicker and more vital.
  • Nettle – an expert in hair loss prevention. It restores the strength, health and shine of hair and makes it grow faster. It has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails.
  • Copper – is a very valuable element that affects the pigmentation of hair and its elasticity. It prevents graying, helps maintain a beautiful, intense hair color, improves the condition of the hair, makes it look better and the hair is stronger.
  • Alfalfa – strengthens the hair bulbs, inhibits hair loss and at the same time stimulates hair growth. It also helps improve the condition of the hair visually.
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), the active sulfur. It participates in the synthesis of hair proteins. It helps rebuild hair, increases its thickness and strength, stops hair loss and accelerates hair growth.
  • Bioperine – highly active black pepper extract, thanks to which the ingredients of the product are better absorbed and work with increased effectiveness.

In addition to the components mentioned above, the Locerin capsules contain zinc , selenium and biotin as well as several other auxiliary substances that are essential for strengthening and restoring the beauty of the hair. With such a large selection of valuable ingredients , we do not need any further dietary supplements, we have everything in one capsule , which, with regular use, leads to a significant improvement in the condition of the hair.

Locerin – opinions


Locerin capsules are taken twice a day for at least a month – this amount is optimal for saturating hair cells with nutrients. Thanks to regular nutritional supplements, the condition of our hair will gradually improve. The effectiveness of the dietary supplement is supported by a number of studies, its composition is positively rated by dermatologists and hairdressers, and there are also people who have decided to buy and try Locerin .

Opinions about this preparation are quite clear – it gives very good results , both in terms of inhibiting hair loss and in terms of accelerating hair growth and improving its appearance.

Effects of the application, so what can Locerin do for your hair?

Thanks to the cure with Locerin capsules:

  • You will not have to struggle with the huge hair loss and see your thinning hair in the mirror.
  • Your hair will get stronger and thicker.
  • Your hair will grow and thicken faster, and you will be able to buy your dream hairstyle faster.
    Dull, lifeless, tired hair preserves vitality, bounce and shine.
  • Brittle, damaged hair is revitalized and becomes more resistant to damage.

Locerin – price and purchase

Is it worth investing in Locerin? If your hair needs special care, if you are more dissatisfied than satisfied with the look of your hairstyle, if you finally want to get rid of the constant problems with your hair and just make it healthy and naturally beautiful, it is definitely worth it.