Nutrigo Lab Regeneration, the nutritional supplement after training mobilizes the body for efficient and fast regeneration after physical training and at the same time stimulates muscle growth in the resting phase. If we want our workouts to be more effective, our body to recover faster and the next day to be 100% ready to do a new workout, we should be interested in Nutrigo Lab Regeneration.

Do you build muscle? Take care of regeneration!

build muscle

In order to develop impressive muscles, it is necessary to consistently implement a good training plan in which, in addition to exercises of the right intensity and frequency, there is plenty of room for the body to recover . By doing successive sets and repetitions of exercises, we stimulate the muscles to work hard, but their growth only occurs during post-workout recovery , when the muscle fibers begin to build.

How can you enable your body to recover quickly after a workout and at the same time improve the development of muscle tissue? First of all, you should observe yourself as you implement the training plan. For example, if we feel pain in our muscles and joints, run around irritated, tired and sleepy, or feel weaker with every workout, and it is difficult to do the same number of series and repetitions of exercises as before, it means that we can increase the frequency of workouts should decrease. We are likely overtrained and our bodies need more relaxation.

Adapting the exercise to the body’s capabilities is one thing, although it is equally important to have adequate sleep hygiene (around 7-8 hours of healthy sleep) to ensure some physical and mental rest during the day (e.g. massage, Sauna, relaxing bath, walk, etc.), introduce a diet that provides the right amount of all nutrients, as well as a dietary supplement that supports the regeneration of muscles and the whole body. By taking care of all these factors, we have the opportunity to enter each subsequent workout with full physical and mental strength and to offer the muscles an optimal growth rate.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Composition

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration

Maintaining a high energy level, preventing catabolism, efficient regeneration, quick return to exercise readiness, stimulating muscle growth – such effects should be achieved with a good post-workout preparation. Such effects are the domain of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration . Let’s see what you can find in the makeup of this supplement:

  • Optipep® whey protein hydrolyzate and PeptoPro® casein hydrolyzate – immediately absorbable protein forms. They nourish our muscles after training and give us a strong anabolic effect and thus contribute to the intensive development of muscle tissue. In addition, whey protein hydrolyzate and casein hydrolyzate accelerate the regeneration process after training, so that we can better prepare for the challenges of further training.
  • BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) and L-Glutamine – branched amino acids show anti-catabolic properties, increase the rate of dry muscle mass gain, support muscle work, accelerate regeneration after intense exercise. Thanks to BCAA and L-glutamine, our training sessions are more effective.

The dietary supplement also includes: L-arginine alfacetoglutarate (AAKG) , which stimulates nitric oxide secretion and increases the effectiveness of exercise; Citrulline malate, which increases blood flow to muscles, intensifies the muscle pump phenomenon, and reduces fatigue and muscle pain; Piperine , which increases the absorption of dietary supplement ingredients and key nutrients; Vitamin B6 , which protects proper muscle work.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Effects

Who benefits from the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration food supplement ? Certainly everyone who trains strength and wants to get the best out of their training. Thanks to this supplement, no repetition or series of exercises are wasted. The product overcomes the effects of exercises, helps the muscles to develop faster, supports regeneration processes and keeps us fully fit for further training.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Dosage

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a powder preparation that is available in a strawberry flavor version. Dissolve 2 measuring spoons of the preparation in 200 ml of water, stir and drink. Use immediately after training.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – opinions

The preparation is characterized by its high-quality, professionally selected composition and the optimal proportion of the individual components and is therefore 100% suitable for all its tasks. Therefore, there is no shortage of positive opinions about Nutrigo Lab regeneration , especially from people who participate in strength training. There is no doubt that Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is among the leading of the numerous exercise supplements on the market and it is definitely worth checking out.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website, which you can go to by clicking here .