The NuviaGo is a high quality protein bar that will appeal to those who exercise, keep their lines and are looking for diet and healthy alternatives to traditional sweets. This tasty snack is characterized by its excellent recipe, which does not lack a large portion of protein, which is important for the muscles and suppresses the hunger for fiber. The NuviaGo always works when we need a good portion of energy and when we are in the mood for something sweet, but do not want to reach for figure-damaging calorie bombs. The NuviaGo will also appeal to busy people who don’t always have time to prepare a valuable meal.

NuviaGo a valuable addition to the diet of active and slimming people

We all have an appetite for sweets. At the same time, many people, especially those who are meticulous about their lines, clearly associate the word “candy” with evil incarnate, hundreds of over-programmed calories and frighteningly increasing wrinkles and curves. The NuviaGo proves that we do not have as avoiding sweets and fire that they a dietary and even form friendly face can have .


NuviaGo is a bar that was composed on the basis of high-quality milk and soy protein and vegetable fiber and offers an extraordinary taste and a pleasant texture for the palate. Its important advantage is its full nutritional character, because:

  • it is low in calories;
  • it is low in fats, and those in it are of good quality, certified and safe for health;
  • low in carbohydrates;
  • it does not contain any artificial sugars, glucose or glucose-fructose syrup, it only contains small amounts of sugars and only those that are naturally present in the raw materials used to make the bars;
  • it does not contain harmful fillers, dyes or preservatives that poison the body and slow down metabolism; it has a natural, good composition.

Due to its nutritional value and low sugar content, the NuviaGo bar is very suitable as part of the diet of people who:

  • train systematically and strive for a perfect figure;
  • love sweets, but want to eat sensibly and low in calories;
  • are in a period of weight loss and are looking for a substitute for fattening snacks;
  • You value a healthy, balanced diet, but you don’t always have time to prepare a valuable meal;
  • are in a phase of intense physical or mental exertion and are looking for effective ways to get a high dose of energy in the short term;
  • trying to model muscles, look for variety or substitutes for standard protein nutrients.

Are you active, lose weight, build muscle? Check which diet you use to achieve your goals!


NuviaGo satisfies our appetite for sweets, supplies valuable nutrients and supports our metabolism. However, it is clear to all of us that in order to achieve certain body goals, one must adjust one’s diet accordingly and not only eat protein bars. They are a valuable addition to the daily menu, thanks to which we nourish our muscles, accelerate the effects of the silhouette, better control our appetite and ensure more efficient regeneration after exercise. In addition to them, it is also worth adding other products to the menu that are known for their muscle-building properties and fat loss.

These include products such as:

  • Sea fish (e.g. salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, cod, sardine, sprat) – they contain omega-3 acids, which are important for the correct functioning of the brain and the efficient regeneration of muscles after exercise. They are also a very rich source of complete protein, which not only helps develop and build muscles faster, but also speeds up metabolism and ensures that we burn calories faster so that we lose weight faster.
  • Lean dairy products (cottage cheese, buttermilk, kefir, natural yogurt) and eggs – another valuable source of protein that supports muscle building, stimulates the metabolism and helps reduce body fat. Both eggs and dairy products have a high degree of satiety, which allows us to better control hunger and the habit of reaching for fattening snacks between meals. Importantly, eggs also contain a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B vitamins, vitamin D, zinc, potassium and iron. Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium.
  • Cereal flakes, bran, coarse groats, brown rice, grains are important for proper muscle regeneration. They are an excellent source of priceless fiber for the figure. They regulate the metabolism and support digestion, prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels, eliminate the phenomenon of wolf hunger attacks, promote satiety and protect against sweets. Grains and cereal products are also rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and zinc.
  • Almonds and nuts – contain antioxidants in the form of vitamin E that help prevent muscle damage after exercise. They are also an excellent source of vegetable protein, valuable unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins, which are important for an efficient metabolism and a good work of the nervous system. They inhibit hunger, satiate well, improve intestinal motility, are a good supplier of energy and have a positive effect on brain function.
  • Vegetables and fruits – contain a lot of fiber, inhibit hunger, are an irreplaceable source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They give energy and vitality, support digestive processes, stimulate the peristaltic movements of the intestine, regulate the cycle of bowel movements, improve metabolism, promote the faster breakdown of adipose tissue, stimulate the cleansing of toxins from the body.

Other components of the diet help to model the ideal figure:

  • Legumes,
  • lean meat,
  • Spices (including thermogenics such as cayenne pepper, black pepper, ginger, curry, turmeric, cinnamon),
  • Seafood and algae such as chlorella and spirulina,
  • Oil and vegetable oils.

Protein Bars – Are They All The Same?


Protein bars are enjoying growing popularity. More and more people want to use healthy equivalents of sweets, which additionally supply the body with valuable nutrients and the resulting benefits, such as increasing energy, reducing fatigue, satisfying hunger, etc. However, it must be taken into account that the quality the individual protein bars are not the same . There are a lot of inferior products of this type on the market that, unfortunately, are neither too healthy nor too dietetic.

In the composition of many protein bars you can find a multitude of substances that are not healthy and slim, including: large amounts of sugar, namely of inferior varieties, trans fats, harmful sweeteners such as acesulfame K, preservatives, artificial colors, fillers.

Can a bar filled with such substances be considered valuable? So if we want to use this type of product, it is worth paying attention to their quality. In terms of quality, NuviaGo is one of the top products , which impresses with its healthy, natural composition and excellent proportions of the individual ingredients as well as the taste.

NuviaGo protein bar – the most important ingredients and effects

Optimized proportions of protein and fiber, natural additives, low fat content, no worthless fillers and synthetic flavor enhancers – NuviaGo is a natural, dietetic and healthy product that is not only characterized by its high quality but also by its high taste properties. It is a real rarity that fascinates with its light crispness and creamy velvety. Each bar is coated in delicious milk chocolate, and inside is a delicious cake and cream filling.


The main ingredient of the product, as befits a protein bar, is of course protein , but you can find both milk and soy protein here. One piece contains up to 20 g of protein. It works for the benefit of our muscles, our metabolism and our slim figure.

Thanks to a large portion of protein contained in NuviaGo bars , we will improve the work of muscles and accelerate their development, improve the regeneration processes of the whole body after training, increase the speed of changes that take place in our figure – a fattened person becomes a lean, muscular, athletic person.

Another sensitive component of NuviaGo chocolate bars is vegetable fiber . It is responsible for its nourishing, energizing effects (fiber is a source of long-lasting energy at a balanced level for the body), balancing the insulin balance, inhibiting the feeling of hunger and reducing appetite. The fiber contained in NuviaGo also helps improve digestive processes, increase intestinal peristalsis and remove toxins from the body more effectively.

Other ingredients: cocoa mass, milk chocolate, natural vanilla flavor, biscuit crumbs and cream, cocoa powder and skimmed cocoa powder, chicory root extract, sunflower lecithin.

NuviaGo – a snack, a mix of benefits

Looking for the best protein bars on the market, looking for a sweet, tasty snack that is completely safe for your health and figure, looking for an effective way to increase your energy levels and psychophysical potential, it is Worth considering buying NuviaGo . The bar will offer us a number of advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Muscle support,
  • to satisfy hunger after training or to provide energy before training,
  • Energy injection for important tasks that require a good mental or physical disposition,
  • Support in weight loss (improvement of metabolism, inhibition of the desire to eat, suppression of the feeling of hunger, improvement of digestion),
  • the opportunity to enjoy an excellent sweet snack without worrying about the queue,
  • to provide us with servings of important nutrients when we cannot eat a normal meal,
  • You can eat quickly and easily regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in – you eat where you want.

NuviaGo – Product Reviews


The NuviaGo protein bar tastes good and works – you can hear such voices about this unique product. It is most often recommended by people who are on a weight loss diet and exercise, both amateur and professional. But people from outside these groups also appreciate NuviaGo bars. They are popular with working people, students and everyone who eats healthily, but does not always cook himself, but often eat ready-made diet dishes and snacks.

NuviaGo protein bars can be purchased from the official product website. Click here to get there !