If you are wondering how to beautify the frame of your eyes and add a new dimension to your appearance, pay attention to Revamin Lash, which is an advanced eyelash serum with high efficiency and potency. Cosmetics are a treasure trove of nutrients and fortifying substances. Undoubtedly, owners of weak, thinning eyelashes will also be interested in the fact that Revamin Lash contains a special ingredient that supports the reproduction of hair cells, thanks to which it dynamically stimulates the growth of new eyelashes.

Revamin Lash – invaluable help for tired, expressionless eyelashes

Eyelashes are an important element of the eye frame , they give the look depth and underline our attractiveness. Unfortunately, most women are not satisfied with the look of their eyelashes, whether it is because of their weakened condition and loss, or because of their lack of clarity. Too short, too thin in structure, too much thinning, too light, too poor, too little character …

Desiring to make our eyelashes look nicer, we try to cover up their shortcomings by applying mascaras, sticking on false eyelashes, going for a beautician extension treatment, or using home remedies or store-bought conditioners. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. In the meantime , Revamin Lash has practically only advantages, because it revitalizes our eyelashes in a natural, non-invasive, but profound and highly effective way and leads to the appearance of dozens of new hairs.

Revamin Lash

Eyelashes – a beauty asset and at the same time an extremely useful biological element of the skin

Eyelashes are so-called appendages of the skin that have a protective function for the eye. Usually there are 150-250 lashes on the upper eyelid and 50-150 on the lower eyelid. The length of the eyelashes varies, but most of the time it varies by 8-10 mm on the upper eyelid and 6-8 mm on the lower eyelid.

In terms of structure, eyelashes are no different from the hair on the head – they are formed from epidermal cells of keratinized fibers with high elasticity. They are embedded in hair follicles and equipped with an onion, a root and a stem. They are connected to the skin by a papilla, which is responsible for supplying the eyelash with nutrients.

An eyelash consists of around 90% proteins – keratin and melanin, the remaining 10% is water . Melanin determines the color of our eyelashes – the more melanin there is, the darker they are.


Why have we been given eyelashes by nature? Their job is to protect our eyes from dirt, dust, sand, insects and other unfavorable factors . The function of the eyelashes is also to remove dirt and unnecessary particles that somehow got into the eye.

In modern civilization, the role of eyelashes is not limited to protecting the eye and catching dirt. Today they also fulfill decorative functions , especially for women. They are the element of our face that we most often accentuate and style. Unfortunately, many women are unable to give their eyelashes the expression they’d like. They are hindered by the poor condition of the eyelashes – it is difficult to create XXL eyelashes from fragile, sensitive hairs.

While there are mascaras on the market that can produce great results, both in terms of lengthening and thickening the lashes, the makeup effects are always temporary . After removing the cosmetics, our eyelashes become thin, sparse and not very expressive again. In addition, such constant use of heavy mascaras weakens the natural eyelashes, which further worsens their overall condition.

So how can you beautify your eyelashes? It is best to look for such a method that will allow us to deeply regenerate our eyelashes and stimulate their growth . Thanks to this, our eyelashes will always be spectacular, even without additional application of mascara. One such method is Revamin Lash .

Revamin Lash

What distinguishes Revamin Lash?

  • Convenience of application – we use the product at home, it takes a moment to apply, we don’t have to spend time in beauty salons.
  • Safe to use – the product consists only of natural, tested ingredients with no negative side effects. It is completely safe for our eyelashes what cannot be said of lengthening and thickening treatments that weaken and destroy the eyelashes.
  • One hundred percent meeting the expectations of women – the product perfectly meets the taste of women who do not like artificial, exaggerated effects that are achieved by glued-on eyelashes, but appreciate natural and at the same time clearly emphasized, thick and long eyelashes.
  • Complex effect, care from A to Z – the preparation is a rich mixture of active ingredients that ensure advanced care of the eyelashes – from stimulating the multiplication of new hair cells to strengthening and nourishing them to correcting their structure and improving their appearance.

Revamin Lash – composition of the product. A complex of 9 active ingredients is a solution to eyelash problems

There are many factors that weaken the eyelashes and affect their structure and appearance, the most common are

  • improper care (no make-up, use of too aggressive facial cleansers and outdated cosmetics),
  • Eyelash extensions and eyelash thickening or self-treatment for applying eyelashes,
  • improper use of an eyelash curler,
  • continuous, intensive use of mascara, pencils, eyeliners,
  • unhealthy, nutrient-poor diet,
  • frequent rubbing of the eyes,
  • frequent stay in smoky, dusty places, in smog.

Sometimes sparse, thin, colorless eyelashes are also our innate characteristic . But regardless of whether our eyelashes have been weakened by external influences, diet, treatments or illnesses and have lost their condition, or whether they are simply naturally delicate and not very visible, with the help of Revamin Lash we give them a new quality and definitely increase them their volume.

Revamin Lash

The active ingredients in Revamin Lash are:

  • Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 – an ingredient with a research-proven strengthening effect and stimulation of new hair growth. With regular use, it leads to a visible thickening and lengthening of the eyelashes. Even with severely weakened eyelashes, it inhibits their loss and improves their structure. Tripeptide molecules actively support the growth of new eyelashes – they stimulate the microcirculation within the follicles, increase the number of new hair cells and make it easier for the hair to anchor in the skin.
  • Zinc PCA – shows very high activity in combating defects in both hair and skin. Restores strength and vitality to weakened hair, stimulates eyelash growth, improves the structure of the eyelashes from root to tip. Zinc also prevents the premature loss of eyelashes, extends their lifespan. It makes the lashes look prettier, thicker and healthier.
  • Biotin – makes the lashes stronger and less prone to damage and loss. Improves the structure and appearance of the eyelashes. It speeds new hair growth and helps us get thicker eyelashes faster.
  • Caffeine – shows antioxidant properties, stimulates regeneration processes and protects skin and hair from aging and damage. In addition, caffeine stimulates the microcirculation of the skin in the eye, which means that the bulbs are better supplied with nutrients and thus the eyelashes grow faster, become stronger and thicker, have a smoother, shinier structure and more beautiful color.
  • Arginine – provides the eyelashes and skin with optimal levels of hydration, strengthens the lipid barrier, protects the eyelashes from damage, soothes the irritation of the eyelids and the lash line, stimulates the process of restoring weak and damaged eyelashes.
  • Panthenol – helps brittle and fragile lashes regain a healthy, strong structure, makes them more flexible and provides a lot of moisture. Soothes irritations, smoothes the surface of the eyelashes, gives them vitality and shine.
  • Glycerin – regenerates and nourishes the eyelashes, increases their resistance to harmful factors. Provides the lashes with the right amount of lubrication and moisture. Comprehensively improves the appearance of the eyelashes – gives them flexibility, shine, gives them volume.
  • Sodium hyaluronate – strongly moisturizes the eyelashes, makes them more flexible, prevents breakage, gives vitality and clarity. It strengthens the bulbs and supports the regeneration of weakened and sparse eyelashes.
  • Urea – strengthens the natural defense barrier of the eyelashes, moisturizes and stimulates regeneration processes. Smoothes and shines the eyelashes.

Revamin Lash – mass of benefits for the eyelashes in a small bottle

Revamin Lash

Revamin Lash is a leading eyelash serum on the market. High concentration of active ingredients, multitasking effect, advanced production technology, perfect absorption of the active ingredients and immediate integration into the hair structure – thanks to these properties, the product meets the expectations of users.

When to use Revamin Lash:

  • If we are naturally the owners of short, sparse, thin eyelashes and we want to increase their volume and emphasize this element of the eye, but without the need for constant intensive eyelash painting or gluing on artificial eyelashes.
  • If for some reason our eyelashes are destroyed and thinned, we look for a high quality product to save and rebuild them.
  • If we use a lot of eye make-up cosmetics every day or if we are often in conditions that are harmful to the eyelashes (e.g. in strongly lit, dirty or smoky places) and we want to strengthen the protective barrier of the eyelashes prophylactically.
  • If we have so far lengthened the eyelashes at a beautician, but we do not want to further weaken or destroy our eyelashes, we would prefer to switch to a serum for home use.
  • When we think our eyelashes could be fuller and longer and that is why we are looking for a really good eyelash conditioner.

The 10 Benefits We Get From Using Revamin Lash Regularly:

  • Extend,
  • Thickening,
  • shine,
  • Hydration and lubrication,
  • Protection,
  • Inhibition of hair loss,
  • Improvement of color,
  • Improvement of the hair structure – smoothing, flexibilization, lifting, thickening,
  • deep regeneration and nutrition,
  • faster, more intense growth of new hair.

Revamin Lash – opinions

Revamin Lash

In many comments and opinions about Revamin Lash one can read that the product offers a significant improvement in eyelash volume and combats all the defects of the eyelashes , such as: loss, fragility, dullness, excessive dryness, lack of shine, light, gray and not very pronounced Color of the eyelashes. The product is praised by women who wanted to regenerate and strengthen their eyelashes, but also by those who wanted them to be longer, thicker and thicker.

According to numerous opinions , Revamin Lash fulfills both the care and the beautification function 100% . In addition, it is very pleasant to use, is quickly absorbed, does not irritate, is efficient and lasts a long time. Users emphasize that they finally got naturally thick, beautiful eyelashes, before they were bland and almost invisible.

For some women the Revamin Lash Serum has become a lifeline for damaged eyelashes, for others it is a way to increase their attractiveness and emphasize the beauty of their eyes.

Revamin Lash – how is the serum used?

Apply a small amount of the serum to the entire lower and upper lash line every morning and evening. Remember to shake the bottle before use.

When will I see the effects? We have to remember that eyelashes don’t regenerate or grow back overnight, it takes some time. However, Revamin Lash shows a high speed of action and high effectiveness – the first results can be seen after 2-3 weeks. Maximum results can be achieved with a 3-month treatment.

Click here and go to the official Revamin Lash website where you can safely order the product. If you decide to buy more than one package, you will get attractive discount !

Revamin Lash