Potency problems can make life harder – destroy the feeling of masculinity and self-confidence, drive you into depression, disrupt good relationships in the relationship … Fortunately, today’s pharmacology knows how to solve problems with erection and sexual potency. What are these methods? The answer is not obvious. Gone are the days of the monopoly of Viagra and other potency pills with Sildenafil as an active ingredient. Today, natural compositions of highly effective medicinal plants that have long been known are pioneering.

Which sexual enhancers to choose – ranking of the top products for men

We present a ranking of the potency pills – with the richest composition, the highest effectiveness and the greatest popularity. Thanks to our ranking, choosing the right product will be much easier for you. When creating the ranking, we took into account all the important criteria – the quantity and effectiveness of the active ingredients, their mode of action, the opinions of experts and consumers, the price-performance ratio and the quality.

Nr. 1 Eron More

Eron Plus

The Eron Plus fully deserves to be named the winner of the ranking due to its well thought-out double formula . These are currently the best potency pills that have a double effect on erectile problems and other sexual performance disorders. The Eron Plus does not work on an ad hoc basis, such as the sildenafil-containing sexual enhancers. The Eron Plus gives long-lasting effects, ensures a strong erection whenever you want, dethrones problems with decreased libido and gives everyone who uses it back their full strength and masculinity.

The strength of Eron Plus lies in its rich composition and extensive formula. When you buy the preparation, you will receive a set of two packages, including capsules for prophylactic use (2 capsules per day – morning and noon) and capsules for use before intercourse (about 2 hours before).

What happens to our organism after Eron Plus? With the daily capsules, we receive an injection of substances necessary to maintain sexual function at the correct level. Specially selected plant extracts support the production of testosterone, improve the vitality of the body and lead to an increase in libido. They also stimulate blood circulation in the penis so that you can achieve much stronger erections and enjoy a better experience. The capsules, which are taken before sexual intercourse, also increase the erectile function (thanks to a high dose of L-arginine) and intensify the effect of the day capsules.

Eron Plus is a rich composition of plant extracts known to be effective in solving male problems – ground mace, maca root and others. The formula is supplemented with vitamins and L-arginine, which are important for male health . Such a set can turn any man who is dissatisfied with his own erotic life into a volcano of sexual power. With this dual nutritional supplement, we can expect:

  • longer sex and stronger orgasms
  • no problems with achieving an erection and entering a state of arousal
  • A strong erection for the entire duration of the close-up
  • better sexual experience, more pleasure.
  • more vitality and strength

For the gold medal winner of our ranking, ie the Eron Plus set, we pay 49 €. However, we can benefit from attractive promotions where we receive the Eron Plus sets free of charge when purchasing two or three sets.

You can order the Eron Plus here

No. 2 Vigrafast


The silver medal winner of the ranking is Vigrafast – extremely effective and powerful pills for over-the-counter potentiation. It’s another advanced supplement that can solve problems with erection, lack of libido, and unsatisfactory sex in one fell swoop. Vigrafast is a dietary supplement for daily use, its advantage is the fast action and high doses of active ingredients. You certainly don’t have to wait long for positive effects. Each Vigrafast capsule is a powerful injection of high quality ingredients that regulate all disorders in a man’s sexual sphere.

Ground mace, maca root, ginseng and L-argininine – this is a composition tailored for people who have difficulty getting an erection and maintaining a full erection for a long period of time. Vigrafastis a nutritional supplement that was even created for men who want to enjoy satisfying sex without worrying that they will not be up to the task, or that erections will wane during sex, or that they will end far too quickly than they do wish and as her partner would like to.

Regular supplementation with Vigrafast strengthens the male body by regulating testosterone production, improving the blood supply to the penis, and eliminating erectile dysfunction. The effect of using Vigrafast is a significant improvement in the blood supply to the penis and a comprehensive improvement in sexual performance, and you:

  • You will have strong and long lasting erections and enjoy a better experience;
  • You don’t end too early, you can have sex much longer, you regenerate more quickly after an exertion;
  • When you stop feeling the drop in sex drive, your libido is high again;
  • You feel the flood of male energy, you have more power;
  • You lead an all-round successful sex life, you can give your partner maximum pleasure.

The price of Vigrafast is around € 65. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, you can get a free package of the product.

You can order the Vigrafast here

No. 3 Dr Extenda

Dr. Extenda

Dr. Extenda is a real specialist in men’s affairs . She knows all of the problems men face and knows exactly how to solve them. Its secret is to use the most effective substances that nature has made available to us to solve potency problems and to use them professionally.

Dr. Extenda dietary supplement is a mixture of specially selected plant extracts with L-arginine. The ingredients stimulate blood flow through the penis and at the same time stimulate the production of male hormones, so with regular use such effects occur:

  • increase the strength of erection;
  • longer erections, longer and better sex;
  • to eliminate problems with getting an erection;
  • better orgasms;
  • more ejaculations;
  • more vitality;
  • greater libido, more frequent desire for sex.

A big advantage of the Dr. Extenda is the use of an interesting composition of plant extracts in one capsule – from maca root to damiana leaf and fenugreek to pomegranate extract. Everything is “flavored” with the invaluable L-arginine. We pay € 49 for a pack of 30 capsules, but there is an option to get free packs after signing up for a discount club.

Here you can find Dr. Order Extenda

No. 4 SperMAX Control

SperMAX Control

SperMAX Control is another remarkable potency pill for over-the-counter potency, which, thanks to the rich composition of valuable extracts, is able to permanently combat erectile problems and decreased sexual abilities. The manufacturers of the supplement decided to treat customers with a very complex formula. Up to 18 active ingredients are available in SperMAX Control capsules, including 18 active ingredients: L-arginine, root maca, ginseng, lovage, guarana, nutmeg.

The active ingredients of SperMAX Control were selected in such a way that they not only reduce erectile dysfunction , but also combat other concomitant diseases such as: mood disorders, apathy, physical and mental exhaustion, susceptibility to stress.

The daily intake of SperMAX Control guarantees the elimination of erectile problems, increased libido and sexual performance, improved sperm quality, return of vital energy, improvement of the physical and mental state. We will spend € 49 on 2 packages of preparation (which will take 2 months).

You can order the Spermax Control here

No. 5 Vigrax


Vigrax is a 100% natural preparation for men who want to permanently solve problems with impaired erection and decreased quality of sex life. The composition of the potency pills focuses on ground mace, ginseng and L-arginine. Vigrax is aimed at both mature men, whose sexual fitness is no longer at the level of years ago, and younger men who are struggling with erectile problems as a result of stress, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.

Vigrax is a dietary supplement that, in addition to improving potency, also leads to a strengthening of the entire body and improves the condition. The preparation is suitable for daily use (2 capsules per day). The package with 60 capsules costs around € 39. The manufacturer is running a promotion where you can get a free package of the insert.

You can order Vigrax here

No. 6 Zytax


Zytax is a dietary supplement designed for men who are looking for an antidote to a problem of getting an erection and maintaining a strong erection during intercourse. It is also said to stimulate libido and increase sexual performance – we have a greater desire for sex, we can make love longer and better than before and enjoy fuller orgasms.

The Zytax formula is based on ground mace, L-arginine, ginseng and the proprietary ErectX Blend TM complex. The cost per package is 39 €. If you buy two or three boxes, you get extra packaging for free.

You can order the Zytax here

Over-the-counter sexual enhancers – a wide range of different effects

Some of the preparations used to treat erectile dysfunction are based on sildenafil, while others are based on natural extracts and L-arginine (sometimes fortified with vitamins and minerals). Active ingredients with Sildelaphile (ie tablets for the potency Maxon Active, Maxigra Go, Mensil, Kamagra or Viagra) have an undeniable advantage, namely “to trigger an erection when needed”. – Immediately after ingestion, we can count on a strong and sustained erection and thus get rid of the unpleasant bedside problems. However, such preparations also have many disadvantages.

We must not forget that when we take potency tablets with Sildenafil, we act immediately and only suppress erection problems for a moment. In addition, if we use these types of measures too often, we can get into even greater difficulties in obtaining and maintaining an erection without additional support (the artificially stimulated organism quickly gets used to the presence of a synthetic substance).

The effect of sexual enhancers, which consist of extracts from recognized plants and are helpful for the male body, is completely different. Of course, they stimulate the body’s own testosterone production and permanently fight potency problems.

By regularly taking multi-component preparations to increase potency, we mobilize our body in order to rebuild high sexual performance. We fight erection problems and not only temporarily suppress the dysfunction, as is the case with pills containing sildenafil.

Where can I buy sexual enhancement pills without a prescription – in a pharmacy or on the Internet?

Most modern sexual enhancers such as Eron Plus or other products from our ranking are not available in pharmacies. Instead, they can be conveniently and discreetly purchased online, directly from the product manufacturer’s website. When we shop in this way, we have a guarantee of the originality and quality of the product and the lowest possible price.

Pills against potency – opinions

The potency pills included in our ranking are rated very positively by consumers. Regular supplementation brings excellent results not only in terms of increased libido and elimination of erectile problems, but also in terms of general improvement in physical and mental shape.